When Was the Last Time Your Dog or Cat Had a Pet Dental Cleaning in Menifee, CA?

Statistics reveal that 85% of dogs and cats have periodontal disease by their third birthday. In turn, the condition can lead to painful chewing, halitosis, and tooth loss. Not only that, the bacteria that accumulates beneath the gums can travel to organs, such as the liver, kidneys, or heart. As a result, periodontal disease encompasses more than a pet’s dental health. It can also impact his overall health and well-being.

Make Plans to Have Your Dog’s or Cat’s Teeth Cleaned Now

If you have not yet scheduled a pet dental cleaning in Menifee, CA, now is the time to do so. By having your pet’s teeth regularly cleaned, you can better ensure the entire health of your dog or cat. A professional dental cleaning enables a veterinarian to remove tartar and plaque so he or she can check the condition of your pet’s mouth.

When a pet dental cleaning is performed, it requires the use of anesthesia. This is done so your pet will not feel undue anxiety during the process. This form of prevention can be followed up with routine dental care at home. By taking this extra measure, you can span out the periods between scheduled cleanings at your vet’s office.

Establish a Conscientious Program of Professional and Dental Care

A professional pet dental cleaning is the only way to get rid of tartar from your pet’s teeth and beneath the gum. When you combine regular cleanings with at-home care, you can reverse gingivitis. Although the periodontal disease cannot be reversed, a conscientious program of professional and dental care at home will assist in keeping the condition from progressing.

You need to schedule a professional cleaning if you have not done so already. One of the veterinarian clinics that offers this service is All Creatures Animal Hospital. Make a commitment today to schedule a regular plan of routine dental and veterinarian care.

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