Things to Remember when Buying Refurbished Equipment

When purchasing any equipment, especially if expensive, it is important to purchase these items through the right company. From press brakes, to lasers, shears and more you want a reliable machine. You can save money with refurbished equipment. Below are some questions to consider before purchasing metal fabrication tools that are refurbished.

Are the hydraulic, electrical and tooling components replaced or rebuilt?

There is no room for equipment that is faulty if you have a demanding workload. If, for example, a vital component, like the hydraulics, were replaced any shortcut or oversight will shorten the life of the machine. A superficial repair, like the removal of rust, is not going to help the operation of the machine. Ask questions so you know what work has or has not been done on the machine.

Is there a warranty with the machine?

A warranty will help to protect your investment. With a used machine being more susceptible to issues and breakdowns a warranty is a must. If the machine is of good quality, in general, they will be listed at about 20% less than a brand new model. If you find a piece of machinery that is much less than that, consider this a red flag. You do not want to spend a lot of money on a machine that was reconditioned with parts that are outdated or that does not come with a warranty.

What is the machine’s serial number?

The dealer should have no problem giving you the machine’s serial number. If they do not want to provide it, that is another red flag. The serial number will give you important information about the machine. You will be able to determine the build date, among other things. If the serial number is removed, it is likely that the equipment usage, machine history and service dates are falsified or unknown.

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