The Value of a Low Air Loss Mattress

Air mattresses are an important type of medical equipment for those who need to provide care or support for a loved one at home. There are a variety of design options available, but most work by keeping the amount of air within the mattress at a consistent level. By doing this, it allows for the mattress to contour and fit the body properly while also allowing for easy movement. However, some are less ideal than others. It is often best to choose a low air loss mattress instead of just any product on the market.

What to Look for in These Mattresses

What can a low air loss mattress do for you? Though options and styles differ among several manufacturers, this type of device will often provide alternating pressure. This works to help with the prevent (as well as the treatment of) pressure ulcers on a patient. It is very important to choose those designed with multiple bladders and laser holes. The smaller these holes are, the more likely it is to increase the comfort for the patient and reduce overall air loss in them. Again, when the goal is to prevent and treat sores, this type of control over air flow is critically important.

These are flexible mattresses in terms of materials, sizes, and overall function. If you are in the market for a low air loss mattress, be sure to look for those that offer a quiet pump that ensures a consistent level of air flow is present. You may also want those systems designed specifically to be fluid resistant and offer both visual and audio alarms for the pump. A variety of fantastic products are available to help ensure you have ample comfort and protection while in bed for long periods of time.

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