The trends every online marketer must remember in 2017

With the modern business environment always rapidly changing, Online Marketing in Oklahoma City must always take into consideration the following;


Even though many recognized the potential, it was only until after 2012 that it started becoming an absolute necessity. The online marketing industry players started realizing that sites had to work on the mobile platform for them to remain in business. In 2012, for instance, up to as much as 80 per cent of businesses did not have sites optimized for the mobile platform. Fast forward to 2017, and Google has changed its ranking algorithms, and now regards sites with mobile optimization higher than those that do not. Any online marketing campaign must take this into consideration.

A personalized experience

As digital marketing started out, there was a general feeling that customers only wanted the end product, and were not interested in the complexities of the formative process. They simply wanted everything to work properly, and to experience the unique experience. However, a trend that took root in 2015 was the increasing “impersonalization” of the digital platform, so to speak. With technology becoming increasingly focused on the provision of a seamless consumer experience, all the channels are concentrating on emphasizing emotion to strengthen the role that the digital platform plays in shaping real world interactions.

The internet of things

Many analysts did not expect the apple watch to have as much of an impact as it did. Perhaps the only negative that stands true for the apple watch is the feeling that it was not given as iconic a name as it deserves. In 2015, it became an icon in the sport and performance market. Its popularity has grown, and many have or are intending to build apps for the device, amidst glowing reviews. The Apple watch is symbolic because it shows the potential of the new world of connectivity, the internet of things and the potential for online marketing.


Regardless of the industry, competition online has only grown stiffer. It has become apparent in the past few years that there are no shortcuts, and one requires excellent customer service, honesty, transparency and a strong personality to stand out in the face of competition.

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