The Social Side Of Medical Schools In The USA

For many students from India attending medical schools in the USA, the cultural differences can be more challenging to address than the academic differences. In all countries and with all recognized programs of study, academics will be the focus and will take a large part of the student’s life both inside and outside of school hours.

However, as students attending the medical schools abroad will typically be living in apartments on campus or in the designated residential areas around the campus, there will be time to socialize and get to explore and learn about the local customs, cultures, and events.

School Organized Events

Students that work with an educational counseling service to apply for medical schools in the USA will often find that the educational consultant group will plan events for students throughout their time abroad.

In beautiful tropical areas like St. Lucia, students can expect to have organized events to allow them to explore the island, take planned group boat trips to see the Caribbean and to experience fun activities such as tours, community events, games and special ceremonies throughout the year.

Student Groups

Depending on the medical school, school groups may be active and involved in providing benefits to students, or they can be less involved. Ideally, an active and involved student group or organization that provides benefits to the students throughout the course of study is a great advantage.

Some of the activities these student organizations may take on, with support from the faculty and alumni, including support for career planning, organizing and holding events that benefit the community, sponsor health fairs where medical students can directly interact with the community and provide screening in a real-world setting.

Of course, students will also have time to mingle with other students, often from international backgrounds, learning more about themselves as well as the world around them. This type of holistic learning experience is invaluable to a doctor who may work in different areas and locations around the world throughout his or her career.

At Renaissance Education, we provide a range of opportunities and social activities for our students in medical schools in the USA.

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