The Pieces Fashion Experts Want Women to Have: Shopping for Jewelery in Colorado Springs

Every woman knows all the items they should have in their closet to give them a completely pulled-together look. Do they also know what they should have in their jewelry box? Accessories are an important part of every outfit and having all the key pieces is like having the perfect little black dress and the power suit. Here are the most highly recommended options that fashion experts believe every woman should own.

Drape From Ears

Large silver or gold hoops are perfect when the hair is worn up and look great with nearly any casual outfit. Collecting jewelery in Colorado Springs should also mean purchasing a pair of beautiful metal studs or diamond studs. They are simple and elegant at the same time and are perfect for the office or when going out to a nightclub.

Slide Onto Fingers

Many women wear beautiful promise, engagement or wedding rings on their left hand and leave the right hand bare. Balance the look with an equally beautiful ring on the right. Choose jewelery in Colorado Springs that includes a single glittering gem or a set of stackable rings. Wear the stack together or separate and wear them individually.

Fit the Wrist

Choose a cuff bracelet or something else equally bold. It should be fun enough to wear with casual clothes and flashy enough to also wear when going out. Choose a somewhat tamer, high-quality bracelet that will accentuate office wear. Purchase at least one watch for work and consider a second, more playful option for casual wear.

Decorate a Neck

Keep one chunky necklace in a vibrant color like turquoise. Also purchase a simple, long metallic chain for an understated look. Every woman should also consider at least one strand of luxurious pearls. It is a classic that will work with a wide array of outfits.

Expanding a jewelry collection may seem too expensive but it does not have to be that way. Many women could complete their collection by selling some of the items they already own that do not meet their needs. Get more information about pricing and jewelry values to see how easy it can be to build the perfect collection.

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