The Advantages Of A Basket Weave Duty Belt

Duty belts are one of the items that is much more to a police officer than just what it is used for in civilian life. The gun belt, duty rig or duty belt holds several key pieces of equipment that the officer will need to use in the line of duty, so it has to be up to the job.

One of the more popular options in a leather belt in either cordovan brown or black is the basket weave duty belt. They are so named as the leather is designed to appear as if it is woven, adding to the style and the look of the belt. However, this is also a very practical pattern as it resists scuffs and scratches, lasting for years with just minimal care.

Durable and Professional

The basket weave trouser duty belt in either the brown cordovan or black color is a perfect addition to any uniform. These belts are typically 2.25 inches, but there are some variations.

Often the black duty gear and belts are worn with the blue uniform combinations. The brown belts are typically worn with the traditional brown sheriff’s uniforms, but they can also be worn with the alternative uniform colors.

Matching Belt Accessories

One of the benefits of the basket weave duty belt in any color is the range of accessories specifically designed for the belt. These include the silent key holders, folding in to prevent any sound from keys hung on the belt.

Additionally, departments or officers can choose the matching basketweave pattern in cuff cases, holsters, OC (pepper) spray canister holders, glove pouches, radio holders and even for mini flashlights. There are also belt keepers sold that match the basket weave pattern, perfect to keep even heavy duty rigs securely in place.

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