Renting a Roll Off Dumpster in St Paul, MN

The convenience of renting a Roll Off Dumpster in St Paul MN is undeniable. Whether the yard needs cleaning, a renovation project begins, or the business layout is being changed around, having a dumpster on the location makes the job faster and easier. The dumpster gets delivered and when it is filled, it gets picked up. There is one less detail to manage and several trips for a pickup truck have been eliminated.

Compare Companies

Sizes, rental prices, and processes vary from company to company so take the time to research a few before making a decision. The first thing to discover is how much garbage fits into each size of Roll Off Dumpster in St Paul MN. A ten-yard dumpster, for example, holds approximately three pickup truck loads of garbage. A thirty-yard one holds the equivalent of ten truck loads.


Some companies will not rent dumpsters for just one day. That is not an issue for something like a renovation project because it will be needed for at least two to three days. Cleaning the yard will not take more than one day, so it makes no sense to pay for a dumpster for any longer than necessary. Seek a company that will allow rental for one day.

Ask about any extra charges that will be added to the rental price. A fuel surcharge may be added or environmental processing may be added for certain items. There are a few companies that do not add charges, and original estimates are always accurate. Avoid surprises by double checking terms and conditions.


Most companies will transport the filled dumpster directly to the landfill. A company that also recycles items will go through the dumpster and recycle whatever can be recycled. That decreases what ends up in the landfill. Mattresses, ceramics, wood, appliances, and batteries are all separated from the garbage.

If environmental responsibility is important to you, go to to learn about recycling. Residential and commercial services are available at affordable rates. Same-day delivery is available in most cases. Save time and money with dumpster rental services for major projects instead of going back and forth to the landfill.

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