Reasons to Hire a Tree Planting Service in Norwich, CT

Planting trees is a more complicated affair than many property owners realize. It’s more than a matter of digging a hole and putting whatever looks good in it and hoping for the best. Different trees require different soil nutrients, watering schedules, and amounts of space, so it’s best to entrust planting to a Tree Planting Service in Norwich CT.

Not sure whether or not it’s a good idea to plant some new trees? Read on to find out some of the benefits of hiring a tree service to improve the landscape and provide property owners with new-growth trees.

Creating Shade

Planting trees in strategic locations around the yard can provide much-needed shade for a home’s inhabitants. It doesn’t just allow families to make better use of their outdoor space, though. It can also provide shade for the home itself, helping homeowners to cut costs on air conditioning bills by as much as 50%.

Increasing Property Value

Well-designed landscapes help homeowners get a better price when they choose to sell their homes. A professional tree service can choose and plant trees that can raise property values by as much as 20%.

Create Windbreaks and Control Erosion

Strategically planted trees can create windbreaks that help contribute to a more pleasant outdoor environment and help reduce heating costs for homes in the winter. It can also control erosion around the home, allowing that beautiful landscape to last a lifetime when otherwise it would require constant care and attention.

Why Hire a Tree Service?

A dedicated Tree Planting Service in Norwich CT will have expert arborists on its staff that can study the soil, weather, and nearby species to ensure the best possible location for new trees. This helps to ensure longevity. Some species simply aren’t suited for harsh Connecticut winters, making them impractical. But, with the help of a tree service, homeowners can choose trees that will grow and thrive for years.

Call Today

Interested in improving the landscape around a house but not sure who to call? Visit for information about one local company that provides comprehensive tree services, from planting to eventual removal. Call to speak with an experienced professional or schedule an appointment today.

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