Reasons for Garage Door Repair in New Lenox

When a garage door works as it should, it really makes life easy. Simply push the button to lift the door and park the vehicle. However, when the door malfunctions, it can cause hassle and inconvenience. Below are some of the most common reasons for Garage Door Repair New Lenox.

A Broken Garage Door Opener

If the user presses the button, but nothing happens, it’s likely due to a broken garage door opener. After verifying that the rest of the home has power, a user can check the circuit breaker before calling a garage door repair professional.

Broken Springs

Springs are important parts of the garage door opener’s overall function. If a spring breaks, the door cannot work due to the lack of support. These repairs can be very dangerous and should be left to the pros at A Better Door & Window.

Broken Rollers

Rollers are installed on either side of a garage door, and they enable it to open and close with ease. These rollers are often damaged due to normal wear and tear, but keeping them lubricated can ensure a longer life for the garage door and its components.

A Jammed Opener

When a garage door’s locking bar is damaged, the door itself can become jammed. If the door only moves slightly when the user tries to open it, a jam may be to blame. Click here to schedule an appointment for garage door service and repair.

Sensor Issues

In many cases, sensor problems are the cause of garage door failure. Sensors tell the garage door opener when to open and close the unit, and if the sensor doesn’t work, there’s no way for a door to operate. Sensors can cause a variety of problems, and users should call for Garage Door Repair New Lenox as soon as possible.

Help is Available

Users depend on garage door openers to make their lives easier, and the above problems can create a real hassle. However, most issues are minor and easily resolved. If a user experiences any of these problems, a professional can provide prompt, efficient Garage Door Repair New Lenox.

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