Prevent Inventory Loss and Damage With Security Access Control System Installation in Terre Haute, IN

Studies have shown that many companies experience considerable loss due to theft and vandalism. Expensive equipment and materials can go missing or be destroyed if unauthorized individuals are allowed access to the property. Business owners need to take steps to prevent this kind of malicious behavior. With Security Access Control System Installation in Terre Haute IN, inventory and equipment can be protected against any kind of unauthorized access, potentially saving the company thousands of dollars.

Key cards are a great way to track entry into a building or areas on the company property. Cards can be coded to individual users to unlock certain doors or gates. When a card is used, the data is saved on a computer for later review. This could reveal if someone made their way into the property outside business hours or any time they are not authorized to be there. Electronic locks will need to be installed on all the doors and gates that will require control access.

Gate access control can be set up in several different ways. Pressure sensors can be placed just outside the gate to detect vehicles and open the gate as needed. Timers can be placed on the mechanism to prevent after-hours access. Alternately, transmitters can be placed in the vehicles to trigger the sensor and open the gate only to authorized individuals. Either option would make a great addition to a security access control system installation in Terre Haute, IN.

Surveillance can help support access control systems. By monitoring activity is can be made clear whether an employee’s key card or access fob has been stolen or if that employee is making unauthorized visits. Sensors can detect motion in certain areas on the property and activate cameras, recording any access to controlled areas.

Business owners can contact ICS Networking for more information about access control systems and security option that can help protect their company’s assets. It’s best to act sooner rather than later when it comes to installing a security system. Waiting too long could result in serious losses for the business or damage to the property from vandalism.

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