Post Production; the Magic after Shooting

Shooting a video is only a portion of the work needed to make a publication ready video. Many different things can be done to a video after the fact with post production. Post production can include video effects, subtitles, and computer generated imaging. This step is going to polish your raw video into a great final product. Solid post production really does make a video stand out as a professional piece, and skimping on this step shows.

Video Effects

Raw video files need work before they are publication ready. Editing will improve the colors and the lighting of the video, you can also add things like sunburst to make your video more interesting. Visual effects can also include slow motion or time-lapse. Your raw video may also have some odd artifacts, like a reflection you do not want, that can be removed. You can also use post processing visual effects to remove distractions from the background.


If your audience is going to be diverse, you may want to add subtitles to your video. This involves translating your dialogue, and then post processing the translation in text, onto the video. Video subtitling services are usually offered by your production company. With subtitles, you can have more people consume your content. Make sure that when you do publish your content, you use formats that can handle subtitle feature.


Computer generated imaging, or CGI, has become very popular when trying to create images in videos. The technology has improved a lot over the years, and it is now more accessible for the smaller productions. Most feature films made today will have some aspects created with CGI. Film producers have managed to recreate whole characters from CGI, with the final result being incredibly realistic. CGI is now one of the preferred methods of creating animation. It is much less time consuming than traditional animation, and it provides consistent results.

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