Pool Resurfacing Service in Orange CA

Does your pool look damaged? Are you planning to hire the service of a pool resurfacing service in Orange, CA? Pools last a long time, but eventually, they crack, become discoloured, the tiles come loose and any other number of things that make it unsightly, or downright dangerous.

A pool resurfacing service is a way in which you are providing a new surface for your pool to make it look new and fresh. Alan Smith Pools is one of the best pool resurfacing service providers since 1981. They are known for concrete pool resurfacing and high quality swimming pool re-plastering. More than 30,000 families have trusted the company over the years for pool resurfacing services.

What is Pool Resurfacing?

When your swimming pool’s surface is damaged due to wear and tear, it is important to resurface your existing pool to make it look like a new one. By hiring the service of a pool resurfacing service in Orange, CA, you can make your current pool look like a new one without spending much of your savings.

Cost of Pool Resurfacing

The cost depends on a few factors. They are:

The material used for resurfacing

The size of the pool

Design of the pool

It is important to consult a pool resurfacing service provider and ask the company to submit a quote so that you know how much it will cost to resurface your existing, damaged swimming pool.

Materials for Resurfacing

You can use different materials like diamond bite, glass tiles and pebbles for resurfacing. Based on your budget and requirement, your pool resurfacing contractor can choose the material.

Time Required for Resurfacing the Pool

Resurfacing the pool is a time-consuming job that will take days and sometimes weeks to complete. Depending on the size of the pool and materials used, a resurfacing contractor can provide you with a time frame for completing the pool resurfacing work.


Pool resurfacing is essential when your pool is damaged and not in a position to be used. By hiring the service of an expert pool resurfacing service provider, you can transform your damaged pool into a new looking one.

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