Options For Installation Of Fort Worth, TX Truck Weighing Scales

There are many different reasons why a business would have truck weighing scales on location. For shipping and freight companies it makes for good practice, ensuring that no trucks leaving the lot are overweight and overloaded.

For moving and transportation companies using your own private scale saves time in waiting for the use of a public scale. It also allows for complete control over the accuracy of the scale as you can have it calibrated and verified if there is ever a question as to the accuracy of the weight.

Bulk shippers and producers of anything from raw materials to lumber can also benefit from having their own truck weighing scales. While it is an initial cost outlay, Fort Worth, TX companies typically find the scales pay for themselves over time. With the top brands and the long life of these scales, they really are an investment in your business.

Locating the Scales

Finding the best location for truck weighing scales at any facility is always a consideration. Before starting the construction and installation process for the scales, stop and think about traffic flow, ease of access and how trucks will approach and leave from the scales in relation to the docks and street exits.

Ideally, the scales should be located along the natural exit from the docks or loading area but away from the main traffic. By choosing this option, the truckers aren’t doubling back or crossing over traffic areas.

Installation of the Foundation

The two options in foundations for these types of scales are above ground and below ground. Below ground scales or pit scales provide a weighing platform that is flush with the surface of the ground. These need to be positioned where standing water is not a problem and where additional underground drainage can be installed.

Above ground scales in Fort Worth, TX are less costly to install but require ramps to enter and exit the scale. This adds to the space needed for the scale but also makes it easier to work on the scale should any repairs ever be required.

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