Important Information about Simplex and Duplex Strainers

Strainers are commonly used in a variety of different filters to clean the water passing through them. Simplex and duplex strainers are arguably the two most popular types of strainers available in the markets nowadays. If you are using a water filter in your house, you may want to consider replacing the strainer from time to time in order to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. There’s a marked difference between duplex and the simplex strainers. The following is a bit of information highlighting the main differences between simplex and duplex strainers.

The Simplex Strainer

In a simplex strainer, the basket can be removed for cleaning only when the entire water filtering process has been shut down. As a result, these strainers are most commonly used for batch processing so that the batches can be interrupted to clean the strainers from time to time. The shutdown time is generally quite minimal because the opening and closing of the basket strainers is pretty simple. A vent valve is generally used to relieve the pressure in the chamber. Once the particulate has been removed from the basket, the strainer is then put back in place and the chamber is sealed shut before the application is turned on again.

The Duplex Strainer

The duplex strainer is quite similar to the simplex strainer, except that it looks like two simplex strainers connected by a three-way valve. It’s basically designed to divert the flow from the dirty chamber basket to the clean one, so that one can be cleaned without having to stop the entire operation. These strainers are available in custom as well as fabricated designs for particular applications. You can contact Reliant Engineering Products at 904-374-1768 for more information about these simplex and duplex strainers. You can follow them on Twitter for latest news and updates!

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