How to Shop Health Food Stores – and Save Money!

When most people think of a health food store, they think of elitist shoppers and earth-friendly bohemians who refuse to shop elsewhere. Sure, there are obvious benefits to shopping for natural, organic foods, drinks and supplements, but who can afford to do so regularly? Read on to see why the answer just might be YOU!

Saving Money on Healthy Foods

The secret to shopping – and saving – at your local health food store is to know what’s best to buy there. Some whole food items can be purchased from local chain grocery stores, letting you stock your pantry with some basics without making the drive to the specialty store. Other items should be purchased from your whole foods retailer in order to ensure you’re getting the real food you need to nourish your family.

Some items to purchase at your local health food store include:

  • Bulk nuts, seeds, dried fruits, spices, dry beans and more. These are cheapest when purchased from the unpackaged, bulk section.

  • Pastas and packaged foods. Not only will buying these items at your health food retailer offer a better-quality product – without the enriched white flour most of these products would have otherwise – but these items frequently go on sale to ensure quick turnover of shelf-stable products Watch for sales and stock up when prices are low!

  • Meat, dairy, eggs and more – If you can’t secure these items directly from a farmer’s market or local co-op, the health food store is your next-best option for quality and freshness.

Where to Find Your Groceries

Natural and organic grocery stores are becoming increasingly popular, giving shoppers more choice. Consumers in the Sandy area have several options for healthy shopping, including dedicated health food store, Shirlyn’s Natural Foods. At these location, you can find the food, vitamins and supplements that will give you the healthy, active life you’re looking for – and save you money in the process. Stop wasting money on products that only look cheaper. Invest in your health and buy natural!

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