How to Design the Perfect Kid’s Room

Designing the perfect kid’s room depends so much on the age of the child and what his or her activities, interests, and hobbies are. The important thing to give your child a space that is their own and has the basic things they want and need. A skilled and experienced remodeling contractor from Jacksonville, FL will be able to help you!

The Bed- beyond just a place to sleep the bed is a place to read, snuggle during a thunderstorm, talk on the phone, work on some homework, or just lounge around and visit with family member or friends who are visiting. Give your child a bed that is suite for them and their wants and needs.

Floorspace- Younger children need more open floor space that older children because they are more likely to be on the floor playing games or with toys.

Storage- No matter the age, every kids’ room needs ample storage space for all of their possessions. Shelves, book cases, closets, hope chests, dressers, and storage boxes are all great ways to add storage for your kid’s room. The key is to use storage that fits their needs and what they need to store and organize

Windows – Pay attention to the windows of the room, especially for younger children. Fire safety needs to be a top priority so choose curtains and window treatments that don’t get in the way of someone trying to get out of the windows in the event of a fire. Older kids usually are fine with anything used on the windows.

Walls- Walls need to be seen as a canvas for your child. Let them choose the room color and for younger kids consider adding a chalkboard or whiteboard wall for them to draw on. Older kids can hang posters and cork boards and decorate their walls as they want to make it their own.

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