Four Benefits of Metal Roofing in Tucson

There are many people that enjoy the sounds of living in an old country home. This could be the sounds of nature or a farm, but for many people, it’s the sound of the rain hitting a tin roof. The sound this makes is almost musical and, it tends to either drive people crazy or they love it completely. For anyone who wants to simulate this sound for their home, there’s no need to purchase a country house. Instead they can install Metal Roofing in Tucson.

In addition to the noise it makes, which could be a pro or con depending on the person, there are other benefits to choosing a metal roof. Here are some things to consider.

Energy Efficient

One of the biggest benefits to Metal Roofing in Tucson is its energy efficiency. Most metals reflect the sun, which reduces the amount of heat that enters the home through the attic. The end result is lower electric bills in the summer. In the winter it has no negative or positive impact in cold places. In a place like Tucson, which gets a lot of hot weather, this could be a real cost savings.

Easy Installation

Another benefit is how easy it is to install. Roofers put on sheets of metal roofs rather than having to lay down square patches of tile. Once the substrate materials are laid, a metal roof can be installed in just a few hours.

Aesthetically Pleasing

While aluminum is on the most common choices for metal roofing, tin, copper, and steel can also be used. In appearance, any of these metals can be stunning. For someone who wants a showstopping roof, metal is a great option.

Fire Resistant

Lastly, metal is fire resistant. With no tar or other standard roofing materials if a fire starts the roof is not going to part of what makes it spread. This can actually help reduce homeowners insurance costs as well.

A metal roof is more expensive than a traditional tiled roof, but for many, the long-term benefits are worth it. If you’re thinking about a metal roof, whether you love the look, the sound or the practicality, Ralph Hays Roofing can help. They have experienced metal roofers that can make short work of installing your roof. For more information, visit the website today.

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