Benefits Of Regular Elevator Services In Arlington VA

If a business owner owns their building and there are elevators to take employees and customers from one floor to another, regular elevator service is very important. Elevator Services in Arlington VA will inspect and make repairs to the elevator. There are several reasons that the building owner should not put off their annual elevator service.

Safety For Passengers

When the building owner has their elevator maintained annually, it will ensure the safety of the elevator. If the owner neglects to have the elevator maintained and an accident occurs, the building owner would be held liable for the passengers’ injuries.

State and Federal Compliance

Elevators in public building will often have a certificate displayed inside of the elevator. This certificate will document the last time the elevator was serviced. It would also contain the signatures to prove that the elevator is compliant with the federal and state laws. If the certificate were to expire, the building owner could be fined.

Recommendations For Change, Modification, or Upgrade

The technology available for elevators is always changing. During the annual maintenance check, the technician can let the building owner know if there are any changes, modifications, or upgrades that will improve the performance of the elevator or help them save on the energy costs to run the elevator.

Examine and Adjust Safety Controls

Elevators have plenty of safety features and controls that can keep the passengers safe in the event of an emergency. When the elevator is maintained each year, these safety features will be checked to make sure that they are working properly.

Maintain Manufactures Warranty

If the building owner installed an elevator that is under warranty, the elevator would need to be maintained every year in order for the warranty to remain in effect. If something goes wrong with the elevator and the building owner neglected to have it maintained regularly, the warranty would be voided and the owner would need to pay for the repairs out of their own pocket.

It is the responsibility of the building owner to make sure that the elevator is in proper working condition and that it is safe. The best way to do this is to have it inspected and maintained each year a company that specializes in Elevator Services in Arlington VA. For more information, visit

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