Benefits of Contract Drug Manufacturing

In the world of pharmaceutical manufacturing, setting up a manufacturing plant requires a high initial investment to procure the human capital, infrastructure, machines, and required regulatory assets. The process of setting up a plant from greenfield to shovel ready can take years, all depending on what’s being manufactured and the ability of the facility to obtain its specific licenses and permits. For pharmaceutical drug companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers who have ran out of capacity to meet demands, utilizing a contract drug manufacturer becomes an economic resource.


Contract drug manufacturing companies have the necessary infrastructure that’s needed in order to take a customer order to payment collection within a couple of days or weeks. One of the most vital areas when looking at whether to build a plant or to utilize a contract drug manufacturer is the time that’s needed in order to fulfill an order.

The biggest advantage which contract manufacturers have is the readily available infrastructure. From the quality control and assurance laboratories to the enterprise resource planning system to the installed machines and building management system, the readily available manufacturing process eliminates the high initial costs of starting a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant.

Regulatory Standards

As one of the most highly regulated sectors, pharmaceuticals have intricate regulatory standards which the manufacturing plants must meet for every single batch of drugs which are made as well as for the general operations of the plant. These regulatory entities hold both scheduled and random audits in order to make sure that the manufacturing plant continues to operate at an acceptable level of safety. Contract drug manufacturing plants adhere to regulatory standards from various bodies, giving clients and end consumers peace of mind.

Overall, utilizing a contract drug manufacturing company allows the customer to significantly reduce cost and time in order to push a product into the market.

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