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The Truth About Alimony

There are a lot of myths surrounding alimony, how it works, what it is, and why it is a part of the divorce process in the first place. You may be wondering if you have to pay alimony at all, and if so, how much of your income you will have to spend on the

The Divorce Process for Women in the Military

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse are active members of the military, the divorce process is typically much different than in a civilian situation. There are several factors that need to be considered to finalize your military divorce and make it official. It can be difficult to understand how to keep track of which benefits

A Guide for Meeting with an Employment Lawyer

Keeping abreast of all the legalities of employment is difficult, especially if you aren’t in the legal field. As such, you might be wondering why you should see an employment lawyer, what you can expect, and who to turn to. We’ll go over these things below so you can focus on the actual problem leading

Home Infrared Sauna: How to Choose One

There are plenty of great reasons for sauna therapy. It can lower your cholesterol, says Men’s Health. It can also improve your immune system, help you perform better in endurance sports by increasing your heat tolerance threshold and make you look younger by improving the elasticity of your skin, among other things. These are just

Revocable or Irrevocable: Know Your Trusts

Living trusts serve a variety of functions, and a Carpentersville trust and estates lawyer can help you determine which type of trust best suits your needs. Basically, if you are looking to protect your heirs from an onerous tax burden, an irrevocable trust is often the right choice. If it is not assets that are

Tips to File a Trademark in Chicago

Once you’ve spent the time working on the branding for your business, it’s time to protect it to ensure you stand out and to avoid confusion among your customers. The last thing you want is to lose customers because they purchased from a different company that looked too similar to yours. One of the best