Aggression Management – Managing Stress And Inner Conflict

They say you never know what goes on behind closed doors, and the same goes for understanding what is happening in someone’s mind. Staring into the eyes of your workers may not be enough to determine what it is that’s bothering them, whether it is another colleague causing them trouble or angry customers giving them grief over the phone and in person. Whatever it is, stress and inner conflict must be dealt with in a controlled way so as to prevent things from reaching boiling point. Before you reach out for help from a company that specialises in aggression management, learn a little more about how you can deal with one conflict without igniting another.

What is Normal Behaviour?

What one of your workers might define as typical behaviour in the working environment, another might not. This is why you should regularly run the rules by your employees with meetings and announcements that focus on what you define normal behaviour as. Not only will this encourage more focused, positive actions but also, it will allow workers to address their underlying behavioural issues that could potentially be affecting their performance and the performance of others.

How is Conflict Being Caused?

It will be an almost impossible task to stop conflict from occurring and to diffuse a heated situation before a huge debate erupts unless you are completely sure of what it is that is causing the negative vibrations. Negativity will spread around a business like wildfire if you let it, so take the the time to think about conflicts that arise quite frequently, before establishing a solution for each one. This will make life a lot easier, as you will be able to implement the right tactic every time from that moment onwards. Encourage members of staff to communicate more openly about their problems if you’re having difficulty noticing an issue by simply spectating on the daily activity of workers.

Turning Conflict Into Opportunity

Each aggressive situation will teach you something new. This could be something about the personality traits of particular staff members that you didn’t know about, or it could teach you that compromises are beneficial for resolving troubles that involve one or numerous members of staff. Look for a ray of learning potential in each scenario and let aggression management give your staff a chance to shine. These services will include crisis intervention training, which when followed strictly will assist you in making decisions, without feeling the pressure too much.

Conflict Resolution Training & Consulting aims to increase staff confidence with aggression management. For information about courses, call 03 8899 7535.

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