5 Tips for Weed Control

Nobody likes weeding; the endless amount of time wasted is maddening! There are, however, things you can do that will help with weed control. Below are five tips to help you:

  1. Weed at the right time.

It is much easier to pull weeds after rain has softened the ground. For smaller weeds a great tool to use is a table fork. It is also better to pull weeds while they are younger.

  1. Use mulch and always replenish it when necessary.

Keep the mulch at about two inches deep. If it is too thick it can negatively affect the soil. Mulch is beneficial to flowers and plants because it keeps the soil moist and cool. This environment will also deprive weeds.

  1. Keep your plants and flowers close together.

Planting everything close together will choke out weeds. Keep this in mind when designing your beds. Instead of planting with large gaps, make sure to plant with minimum space in between. When this is done correctly you can cut your weeding down 25 percent.

  1. Don’t dig unless you need have to.

To germinate, weeds need light and only the top one or two inches will get enough. When you dig, hidden seeds are brought to the surface. So, if you need to dig make sure you quickly plant or add mulch. With your lawn, keep this in mind also. Most weeds remain dormant for long periods of time. Use a knife to slice the roots of any weeds, instead of creating a hole when digging them out.

  1. If you cannot remove a weed, chop it off at the head.

If you do this it can buy you a couple weeks of time before the weed comes back. The weed will be forced to use up their food reserves, exhausting the root bud supply and will limit spreading. If you cut larger, thicker weeds down before they seed, this will help prevent spreading as well.

If you are looking for help with weed control in Oklahoma City, keep these five tips in mind. If you do not want to deal with weeds yourself, you can always hire a professional.

The professionals at Elite Lawn Care can help you with weed control in Oklahoma City. For information visit our website here or call us at 405.735.1223.

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