5 Steps to Hiring Skylight Contractors in Berkeley

Skylights come with plenty of advantages. They’re an excellent way to brighten up your living space, upgrade your home and give it the visual punch it needs. But finding help with your skylight installation in Berkeley CA isn’t easy. Here are a few tips to help you hire the right people for the job:

Look for seals of approval

A good indication that you’re hiring reliable help is to look for seals and certifications of approval from authorities in the industry. That means you’re negotiating with people you can trust. Given the many stories of people getting scammed by unscrupulous contractors, this can help you get trustworthy contractors on board.

Check out the company’s experience

Companies with plenty of experience in the field always win over inexperienced ones. There’s something reassuring about hiring an old hand. They’ve been doing it for years so they have the best insight on how to resolve remodeling issues.

Review their credentials

Aside from experience, training is another good quality for any contractor to have. So while education matters, practical know-how gleaned through real-world training is a great deal better. U.S. News says to make sure you get someone licensed for the work as well when you shop around for a skylight contractor in Berkeley CA.

Look at past projects

Take a look at past projects. You’ll want to check the quality of the work. Is it good? Request for a list of past clients so you could call them up and ask about their experience working with the company. Positive reviews can help tip the scales and bad ones can prevent you from making the wrong hire.

Set an appointment

A face-to-face meeting, whether in person or through video calls, gives you a clearer idea on whether the contractor or company is a good fit for you and your home remodeling project. So set that appointment up.

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